Silver, Gold and Grand Gold Medals

Presentation of Silver, Gold and Grand Gold medals

Since a ceremony never comes alone, on Friday 11 March, we will be presenting 4 medals

Silver, Gold and Grand Gold Medal

First of all, Béatrice Aubert was lucky enough to receive her first silver medal, accompanied by her husband Jean-Luc, who received the gold medal. In the presence of their friends and their sponsor Patrice Bianchi, they celebrated their 32 and 43 years of loyalty to our resort.

Then we continued with Catherine and Jean-Pierre Euvrard who received their Grand Gold medal for their 52 years of loyalty to Val d'Isère. Their godmother Valérie Audeoud Mattis read them a kind word of thanks.

The ceremony was presided over by Gerard Mattis, at the 5 Brothers.