Launch of Val d'Isère Le Club

NEW: Val d'Isère launches its Loyalty Club More experiences to live, more emotions to share! You are part of the faithful of our village and we are delighted! How about making your stay even more intense by taking full advantage of our activities thanks to our loyalty program... See more

Gold medals are accumulating

Very nice atmosphere at Chez Jules au Coin des Amis. Solange and Bernard Haffner were awarded a gold medal for their 40 years with us. Their godfather and godmother, but above all their friends Chantal and Daniel Vannereau, presented them with their precious decoration in the presence of the family. Matthieu Scaraffiotti, another ... See more

New gold medal

New loyalty medal awarded to a resort lover at the Blizzard hotel bar. Peter Bergman, a British citizen, received a gold medal, rewarding 40 years of presence. 42 years to be precise, the ceremony was originally scheduled for April 2020, but the first lockdown decided otherwise. The sponsor of ... See more

Grand Gold and Silver Awards

Val d'Isère has three new loyalty medals among its members. The Grand Gold medal for more than 50 years of presence for Pierre Sorbets, awarded by his godmothers, Laure Yann and Violaine Schneider. The Grand Gold Medal was also awarded to André Gauer who has been coming to Val d'Isère to ski since the 1970s, after having learned the basics... See more

Gold and Grand Gold Medals

Medal ceremony full of emotions at the Savoyarde, at Jean François Marie's house. Françoise Beiger received a gold medal for her 49 years of loyalty to the resort and in particular to La Daille, from her godfather Bruno Catelan. The Avaline at heart also gave a surprise to her friend Claire Delille, the ... See more

Gold and Grand Gold Awards

Two Grand Gold medals and a Gold Loyalty medal were awarded last night to passionate customers of the resort, at the Gourmandine. All British, the ceremony was held in English, with the master of ceremonies Fabien Hacquard improvising a few words in the language of Shakespeare. Gold medal therefore ... See more

Silver medal award

Silver Medal Ceremony On Thursday 17 March, we awarded a silver medal to Fondue Factory. Silver Medal Philippe Jacquier had the chance to receive his silver medal for his 39 years of loyalty. His godfather Gérard Mattis was with us but also his best friend. The ceremony was presided over by Dominique Maire, ... See more

Silver, Gold and Grand Gold Medals

Silver, Gold and Grand Gold Medal Ceremony Since a ceremony never comes alone, we continue this Friday 11 March with 4 medal ceremonies: Silver, Gold and Grand Gold Medals. First of all, Béatrice Aubert, who was lucky enough to receive her first silver medal, accompanied by her husband Jean-Luc, who was also lucky enough to receive her second silver medal. See more

Gold and Grand Gold Medal Ceremonies

Gold and Grand Gold Medal Ceremony In this month of March, the medal ceremonies are going on. Gold and Grand Gold Medals We had the pleasure of awarding two medals on Thursday 10 March 2022 to the 5 Frères, presided over by our elected representative Frédéric Monneret and the General Manager of Val d'Isère Tourisme Christophe ... See more

Bronze Medal

Bronze medal ceremony We are now continuing with the first bronze medal for this season Bronze medal On this Friday, March 4th, we organised the ceremony of Michèle Thomas, who has been coming to Val d'Isère for more than 30 years. Her medal was pinned on by her sponsor Isabelle Ryo and Michèle now joins the ranks of the ... See more